Magicbrief changelog
Magicbrief changelog





We've also been hard at work cracking through a few bugs:

  • Shared boards and ads libraries will now consistently load - please check to make sure you have the latest links to your boards and libraries!
  • Under certain circumstances, users might be stuck in a loop when verifying their email addresses; we've squashed this for you
  • We've fixed a lot of issues with ad saving; as long as you have the latest Chrome extension, you should now have no issues saving ads from the Facebook Ads Library or Tiktok
  • We've made a lot of performance and UI fixes to make MagicBrief sing on lots of different browsers

We have plenty of phenomenal updates coming your way, including improvements to MagicAI and some substantial improvements to how we display and allow users to search in Ads. Watch this space!

Team work makes the dream work




Organisation Support

You now have access to Organisations! Our customers have been demanding it and now it's here, you can now share and edit across your entire organisation and invite users to join your organisation. All of your ads, boards and projects are accessible from within the organisation. You can also set your organisation's name.

Viewer Support

We've added a new category of user, viewers. You can have unlimited viewers in an organisation and they're free. Viewers can't edit but they can view your ads and boards. A great way to get client sign off on projects.

Invite Links

You can now generate Viewer or Editor invite links for your organisation and share them with your team. These links don't expire after they're used, so it's easy to onboard an entire team of creators or creatives that you're working with!

Team Management

Manage your team from the Workspace menu, add users, change user roles and even remove users from the team if it's time to say goodbye.

Board Export Improvements




Exporting your storyboard assets is now 10x faster.

Fixed board numbering issue




We've fixed a bug which was causing issues with the board numbering that occurred when some users changed the ordering of their storyboards.

Added support for HEIC files




We've added support for HEIC files. Now you can upload photos straight from your iPhone into a storyboard without running into any issues.

Project auto-invite




If you invite a user to a project or folder who isn't already using MagicBrief, they'll receive an invitation to join. MagicBrief for everyone!

Improved project management




We've made a few small tweaks to projects and storyboard creation, and storyboards can now be added directly from the project view.

CleanShot 2023-01-13 at 11.16.04@2x.png

Fixed library format filter




We fixed an issue that was causing the library ad format filter to display incorrect formats.

Project level sharing




You can now share your entire project with collaborators, making it even easier to stay in sync with your team as you develop storyboards.

CleanShot 2023-01-13 at 11.13.08@2x.png

Label view options




You can now control the label options that are displayed within each of your storyboards. Working on a storyboard without captions? No worries.

CleanShot 2023-01-13 at 11.38.02@2x.png